Hao is a impassion multifaceted designer. He’s background is in information design and Multimedia. With the focus on user centered service design, Interactive web design based on Html+css+javascript , and interface design with wearable intelligent equipment.

Hao, originally from mainland China, he got the master of design degree in Japan, Which place is called "Tsukuba Science City". After three years’ teach in digital media design studio with university. He is now currently an free designer at his own design studio working on various projects.

Hao’s life style is DNS,
D is Design, Design for universal.
N is NGO, NGO for love.
S is sports, Sports for spirit .


HaO Works Design Studio

Shantou University
Digital Media Studio Lecturer

University of Tsukuba
Web Designer


2010-2013 University of Tsukuba (Japan)
Master of Design in Information Design

2005-2009 Xiamen University
Bachelor of Arts in Arts and Design


Visual Design

Interaction Design

3D Scene Design

Media Arts

Project Management

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